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“A zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning."

- Otto Piene about ZERO - art.

“We reckon art has returned to zero, we start from scratch.”

- Armando

Zero and infinity: two terms that appear to be beyond Human comprehension. 

They seem to exist on opposite sides of a spectrum yet they share characteristics and are part of the same space.

In a hypothetical world the concept of the two works but does not seem to translate to our day to day life. 

Even though great questions in life revolve around them.

If one glances at an empty sheet of paper it would seem to show “nothing”. 

But at a closer look the void does contain information. Even more so, the longer you look the more you see. 

Where does this flow of data end?

This fascinates me and the same principle can be found in my work. It shows an apparent standstill. 

The relief disconnects from the board and manifests itself as a pattern that could go on infinitely.

Within this pattern nuances can be found that give the work a personal and sensitive signature. 

Almost all of the reliëfs are made out of wood. 

This gives the works an organic onlay as opposed to the sterile finish that plastic materials might give.

In 2015 I took nul (= zero) / the Dutch Zero Movement as a starting point.

By the subtle use of color and adding abstract line drawings more recently, my work has evolved. 

From zero to infinity ? 

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